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The643, a nature Resort in Nilgiris near to  Ooty Lake and other major attractions

Resort in Nilgiris

Experience the Vitality and Vibrancy of Nilgiris with the best nature resort in Ooty

Cloaked in beauty and magnificence, the view of the blue forested mountains is sure to offer you relief and help you rejuvenate completely during your stay at The643. Nilgiri Mountain has an alluring effect with its picturesque landscape and the British era feel which this place still reflects. This biodiversity hotspot is a must-visit destination while you are at our homestay in Ooty.
The mountains are accompanied by extensive tea plantations, floriculture, and vegetable farms which just adds to the appeal of this place. The aroma of the Nilgiri tea mixed with the freshness of mountain air gives you an opportunity to cherish your stay in Ooty forever.
Amidst an inviting and refreshing atmosphere, you will be provided with the finest services at our homestay. You can plan birding trails and trekking expeditions in the dense Shola forests besides experiencing the best which nature has to offer. If you are curious about tribal life here, you can visit the Toda village to interact with the tribes to observe and know their culture better. There are many luxury resorts in Ooty

Things to Consider While Planning a Trip to the Blue Mountains

If there is a place on Earth that has a close resemblance to heaven, then it is none other than the Nilgiris. To make the most of your visit to this majestic spot, you should know the following things to ease your trip plan:

Best Time to Visit and Enjoy With Family At The643,Best  Homestay In Ooty

Best time to visit

Nilgiris remains the most ideal vacation destination during winter for sure that is between October to March. But be sure whenever you visit you shall be pleased with the climate as well astound by the beauty of nature

Languages to know

English would suffice during your visit to the Nilgiris even though Tamil is the most spoken language here.

Languages To Know In Nilgiris
Nilgiris Has The Spots To Suit The Mood Of All Kinds Of Travelers At The643,Best  Homestay In Ooty

Few hot spots in Nilgiris

To cherish your visit to the Blue Mountains, you must visit the Doddabetta Peak, Pykara Waterfalls, and Lake, Dolphin’s Nose, Thread Garden, Botanical Garden, Avalanche, Emerald Lake, and so on. You name it and Nilgiris has the spots to suit the mood of all kinds of travelers. We are very close to these places making us the most preferred and best place to stay in Ooty.

Other Places to wander off to during your stay with us

Enjoy a fun ride on the Toy Train in Nilgiris
Take a trekking trip to Doddabetta
Go on a picnic to Pykara Village
Rafting and fishing at Avalanche Lake
Witness the green beauty of Emerald Lake
Take a historical trip around Nilgiris
Get awed by the Thread Garden, Botanical Gardens and Sim’s Park
National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Nilgiris

Other Amazing spots in the Nilgiris worth visiting

Reaching Dolphin’s Nose after passing the shola forests, meandering tea plantations, and road bends are worth experiencing. You can even take a detour from there to take in an outstanding view of the Catherine Falls. Rejoice in the breath-taking beauty of Bison Valley, Ketti Valley, Tiger Hill, and Cairn Hill. Apart from that, the Panoramic view of Kalhatti Falls, Mukurthi Peak, Marlimund Lake, Bhawani Lake, Hills of Elk is truly mesmerizing places that you should make it to your itinerary. You are facilitated with innumerable choices to engage yourself in Ooty with the best homestay in Ooty; The643.

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